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Taking out a mortgage is the biggest financial commitment you'll ever make. So it is necessary to know the useful tips for getting any mortgage services.

1) What factors can affect your approval: Before getting any mortgage services from any company, there are certain things which can affect your approval. While a lender may pre-approve you at a certain rate up to a certain purchase amount, you won't know if you are fully approved for a mortgage until you have specific home in your sights. Lenders always needs to know the total cost of home before agreeing to lend you the money.

2) Is the mortgage portable: If you are planning for moving from one mortgage to another, you want to make sure that your mortgage is portable which means you can take it, along with your existing rate, to your new home without incurring any fees. You also want to make sure that you don't have to pay any additional premiums.


3) Make sure the lender offers the program that is best for you: It is not necessary that all lenders offers you FHA, VA or any other loans. Down payment requirements, loan to value ratios and credit requirements also vary by lender.


4) Ask about what documents will be required: All mortgages require significantly more documentation these days.
Find out what's required, and be prepared to provide it.


5) Do you want to pay more upfront or get a lower interest rate?

For more tips and advice on mortgages call at: 905-670-5096.



GC Mortgage is leading Mortgage Company in Mississauga. Purchasing a home is very big commitment and your mortgage could be in the important decision that you will ever make. Our company will provide the proper knowledge and recommend you financing solutions to get your mortgage approved at the lowest rates.

We have the professional knowledge about mortgage market which will enable a speedy, stress free home buying experience for you. We assist the first time home buyer at every stage of the mortgage process:

  • Buying the home: Before buying home, make sure to include a condition day, give at least some time for finalizing the finance.

  • The pre- approval: Find out the mortgage amount and the interest rate you qualify for.

  • We will explain the all information in detail and all the paperwork will be done that the bank requires.

When you buy a home, your will first need money for down payment. Every down payment vary, but should make a down payment that equals at least 10% of the purchase price.

White Two-story Home


Rental property is type of property that derives more than 80% of its revenue from dwelling units. A dwelling unit is defined as either a house or apartment. Hotel and motel units do not qualify as residential rental property under the Internal Revenue Service's definition of residential rental property.

With the rental or investment property program, borrowers can:
1) Purchase or refinance an investment property up to 80% LTV.
2) Enjoy the payment flexibility that comes with an extended amortization.
3) Purchase an investment property in a cost effective manner.

Owning a rental property is one of the most common real estate goals of individual investors. The big hurdle in acquiring rental properties is securing an income property mortgage, which generally requires a large down payment relative to personal home mortgages.

For more information about rental property mortgage call at: 905-670-5096.



GC Mortgage provides mortgages for newcomers in Canada. Our team members provide you all information related to mortgages who recently comes in Canada with permanent resident. We help you in each and every stage for providing mortgages. Newcomers with permanent resident have access to all CHMC and Genworth mortgage loan insurance products. No addition fees or premium as results of residency status-standard product specific premium apply.

Benefits for newcomers in Canada:

• Newcomers with permanent residence status can purchase a home with a little down payment.
• Coast to coast with no set maximum loan payment.

For more information on the Newcomers to Canada and Non-Residence lending options, call our Mortgage Specialists: 905-670-5096.



If you are self employed, then it is getting harder to get a mortgage, have bad credit or live in rural area. A bank may turn you down, require a big down payment or charge higher interests rates, but our company can help to get the best deal for your particular situation. There are ways to get the help you need.

Poor Credit:

If you have a mortgage, you can still get the money you need based on the equity on your home. Poor credit or bad credit may incur higher interests rates, but there is more of risk attached. Taking a debt- consolidation loan can help you improve your credit and help you get better interest rates in the future.

Work with mortgage broker:

If you work with mortgage broker, you have access to large range of lenders who will take on different levels of risks. Our company can help you get the best deal for a particular situation. We will able to find financing that fits your needs.



A residential mortgage is financial agreement that typically represents cash that are paid to investors and that are supported by cash payments received from homeowners. It is comprised of a pool of mortgage loans created by banks and other financial institutions. The cash flows from each of the pooled mortgages.

Commercial lenders originating long term commercial mortgages, as against short term hard money mortgages. Investing in residential mortgage can expose the investors to prepayment risk and credit risk. Prepayment risk is the risk that the mortgage holder will pay back the mortgage before its maturity date.

Property Construction


A loan borrowed to finance the construction of a home and typically only interest is paid during the construction period. Once the construction is over, the loan amount becomes due and it becomes a normal mortgage. Financing to build a new home typically comes in the form a construction to permanent loan.

Mortgage process for building home:

1) Understanding your financial position for building home
2) Planning the build
3) Finding the right architect, designer or company.
4) The building contract
5) Working out your finance options
6) Manage the building phase and others.



GC Mortgage also refinancing your mortgage. Refinancing mortgage is the process of getting a new mortgage to replace the original mortgage. Refinancing is done to allow a borrower to obtain a better interest rate. For borrower with a prefect credit history, refinancing can be a good way to convert a variable loan to fixed and obtain lower interest rate. With the significant appreciation of housing prices in the past few years, many of our good credit clients decide to unlock their value of their homes by refinancing their mortgage for variety of purposes including:

• Asset enhancement
• Renovations
• Combining first and second mortgage.
• Renovations


1) Acceptable loan purpose: Refinancing purposes include asset enhancement, debt consolidation, combining first and second mortgages and investment purchases.
2) Loan to value ratio limits: It is the relationship between the principal balance of mortgage and the property value.
3) Amortization options

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Mortgage renewal is a new agreement to extend or renew mortgages terms with your mortgage holder. Renewal refers to the ending the existing mortgage term and signing a new term for the continuation of the mortgage. We provide the facility to renewal mortgage so as to get the more benefit of it.

If the client does manage to negotiate better rate, it's usually maximum ceiling discount of 1%. All Gold Core Mortgage clients are treated with respect, courtesy and privacy. Our best rates are posted and all our clients are assured the same dedication to finding the best mortgage solution for your needs.

However, mortgages in Canada have smaller terms and usually much shorter than the amount of time it would take to pay off the mortgage in full.

Our company provide you full instruction before renewal the mortgage which can helps you to understand and get the benefit from it.

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A private mortgage is a contract between a borrower and lender for a real estate secured loan of money for a fixed term and fixed interest rates. Private lenders have realized that conservative lending guidelines used by banks and conventional lenders exclude many individuals who are in fact able to pay back loans. Private mortgage are used by investors as a fixed interest product to achieve a higher interest rate return with high risk of interest and principal payment. Private mortgages are not bank deposit and therefore are not afforded any of the protection to investors available for bank depositors.

Why you should use a private fund mortgage:

1) You want to purchase an unconventional property that a prime lender won't finance.
2) You need only short term loan
3) You need financing and don't want to wait for a long approval process.

For more information related to private fund mortgage call at: 905-670-5096.

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Rent to own is also known as rental purchase is type of legal document under which property like home appliances, furniture and others is leased in exchange for a weekly and monthly payment with the option to purchase at some time during the agreement. A rent to own contract requires prospective buyers to pay monthly rent to the homeowner, with a portion of it going toward a home purchase at a later date. If you've had your house on the market for a while, this transaction could let you move while having someone in your house generating cash flow for your mortgage.

Elements to rent to own contract:

1) Purchase price
2) Rent
3) Maintenance
4) Purchasing the property

Our company provide full information related to rent to own mortgage to their clients before providing mortgage services. We have professionals who deal with all types of mortgage services which help you to select which type of mortgage is best.


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